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Lexie J Cosmetics is all about making you feel your best. Our beauty products are carefully curated to bring out your natural radiance, leaving you feeling confident and glamorous. From the moment you use our products, you’ll experience a rush of joy and self-love that only comes from taking care of yourself.

Our mission is to empower you to express your inner beauty and celebrate your unique charms. We believe that when you look and feel your best, you can conquer the world with ease. So, come and discover the magic of Lexie J Cosmetics and let us help you shine bright and feel beautiful inside and out.

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Customer Reviews

We take pride in delivering the best quality beauty products! Kindly have a look at what some of our
satisfied customers have to say about our products.

  • mollyj _mua
    Lexie J Cosmetics has been my go-to as a makeup artist since the brand was founded years ago. There is nothing on the market that beats quality, price, and customer service this brand offers. I constantly have clients commenting on how soft the spongers are, how long wearing the brow pomades are, and how beautiful the lashes are!! So much love for this brand.  
    mollyj _mua
  • makeupbytaylahz
    Lexie J Cosmetics lashes are of such a high quality, at such an affordable price! My clients always say how comfortable they are to wear, and they are always so easy for me to put on them. The perfect puff base blenders are perfection!! I use one of the larger and smaller ones for each client I have and the are both amazing. I love the smaller ones for blending out concealer under the eye and eye primer. The lip glosses are also amazing. My clients comment on how they feel, not sticky, but still have the perfect glossy look.
  • lanafayemua
    The products of Lexie J Cosmetics are in a league of their own! Being a professional makeup artist, I don’t want to waste time on products that aren’t perfection - I’ve NEVER been disappointed with these products. I am a customer for life that’s for sure!!



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