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Get Faux'd False Lashes

Get the mink look without the guilt! Our beautiful GET FAUX’D Faux Mink Collection looks and feels like the real deal! 100% cruelty free & vegan friendly! With loads of styles to choose from, you will be hooked for life!

Silk Strip Lashes

Our Luxurious 3D Silk Lashes are super soft and fluffy, Cruelty free and vegan friendly. All our Silk lashes are made from the highest quality silk material, hand woven onto a light weight band for the most comfort while wearing them.

Brow Pomade

Our Brow Pomades have an amazing formula that’s not only creamy and smooth, but SMUDGE PROOF & WATERPROOF! Giving you that long lasting wear that we all love!!

Poppin Pigments

Our vibrant and highly-pigmented eyeshadows are crafted to make your eyes pop with intense colour and luminosity. From dazzling metallics to rich matte shades, our eye pigments are designed to inspire endless creativity for stunning eye-catching effects.

Gloss GOD

Indulge in our divine Lip Gloss creations, carefully curated for a heavenly experience. Delight in their sumptuously thick, creamy texture, boasting an irresistible high-shine finish, and a scent reminiscent of a delectable treat. With a selection of seven enduring shades, these lip gloss marvels will satiate your desire for elegant neutrals.

Professional Brushes

Explore our collection of high-quality makeup brushes designed for the eyes. Unleash your creativity and craft stunning eye-catching looks.

Beauty Blenders

Our Perfect PUFF Base Blenders are made from the highest quality sponge material, giving them that bounce and PUFF we all need to create that flawless blend. Our design and cut allows you to get into all creases and areas on the face.
Perfect Puff

Tools and Accessories

Crucial for both professional makeup artists and devoted lash enthusiasts, our selection of tools and accessories is crafted from top-tier materials to ensure long-lasting performance.
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