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Perfect PUFF Base Blenders 5pack (Large Size)

Perfect PUFF Base Blenders 5pack (Large Size)

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Our Perfect PUFF Base Blenders are made from the highest quality sponge material, giving them that bounce and PUFF we all need to create that flawless blend. our design and cut allows you to get into all creases and areas on the face. When wet our blenders grow 3 X their original size! instructions below.

how to use our Perfect PUFF

1. When you receive your Perfect PUFF Base Blenders please wash them with warm water for 60 seconds. Fully submerged in water, squeezing and slowly letting go to ensure the blender is soaking up the water. Continue to do this until all sudds are gone.

2. Squeeze all water out, then use a dry towel to squeeze all excess water out.

3. Your Perfect PUFF is now ready to use! 

To clean, please repeat steps 1 & 2 with makeup brush soaps.

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